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We are a professional concrete work company established in 2010 and we perform all kind of concrete work for private persons, farms, and manufacturing companies within the territory of Latvia. We perform all kind of concrete structures from simple band-shaped foundations for private houses to complex reinforced concrete structures in compliance with construction regulations of concrete works. We perform qualitative concreting of band-shaped foundations, post-shaped foundations, intermediate floors of reinforced concrete, basements, and other concrete structures. A constructive dialogue with the customer, a detailed cost estimate for concrete work, and motivated work are our advantages. With our professional attitude and advantages provided by modern technologies we are able to ensure fast and qualitative results.


  • All kind of concrete works
  • All kind of excavation works
  • Mounting of constructions
  • Work execution within territory of Latvia
  • Consultations related to projects
  • Construction design
  • Drafting of impartial cost estimates

We guarantee

  • Professional work organization and monitoring;
  • Fast and qualitative execution of works;
  • Certified material (concrete, reinforcement bars etc.) supply on site;
  • Skilled labour force;
  • High standards of work;
  • Warranty for the work performed


E-pasts:info@betonadarbi.lv, Tel: 29465770